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Quantum2 Mag ISO Samrt Contact Staion, Contactless Ready

EVOLIS - Quantum2 Mag Iso; Smart contact station, Contactless ready

Evolis Quantum 2 with HICO/LOCO Magnetic Encoder, Smart Contact Station, Contactless Ready

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Evolis Quantum 2 dual-sided industrial high volume card printer with USB and ethernet, dual HICO/LOCO magnetic encoder, smart contact station, contactless ready, 1 year or 500,000 card warranty and free lifetime phone support
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The new Quantum is a powerful system to personalize plastic cards in volume. It offers a centralized personalization process that matches the flexibility of a desktop printer with the power of an industrial machine.

This system prints cards in dual-sided mode, in color or monochrome, and delivers more than 1,000 personalized cards per hour in monochrome, with high-definition text, logos, pictures and barcodes. This optimized throughput leverages two brand new detachable and interchangeable hoppers with a large capacity of 500 cards each (0.76 mm or 30 mil).

The Quantum is the ideal system for any organization that needs to personalize cards in large quantities, from card manufacturers to service bureaus or even banks and universities. It provides the flexibility to meet any customer requirement, in any volume, and at any time. ID & membership cards, Loyalty cards, Transport passes, Event passes (tradeshows, concerts),Student Ids, Payment/financial cards, Calling cards and SIM cards.

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