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Fargo 45103 Blue Monochrome Ribbon - 1000 Images - DTC1000 & DTC4000

Fargo 45103 Blue Monochrome Ribbon-1000 Images -DTC1000 & DTC4000

Fargo 45105 Red Monochrome Ribbon -1000 Images

Fargo 45105 Red Monochrome Ribbon-1000 Images - DTC1000,DTC4000

Fargo 45104 Green Monochrome Ribbon- 1000 Images -DTC1000&DTC4000

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Fargo Green Monochrome Ribbon with cleaning roller. For use with Fargo DTC1000 & DTC4000 card printers.  1000 images per roll

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Fargo 45104 Green Monochrome Ribbon with cleaning roller

1000 images per roll

For use with DTC1000 & DTC4000 series printers

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